[SOLVED] google ads Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403

why 403 (Forbidden) Error? When you added the Adsense ad code on your HTML and started to serve those ad resources via the website, the server gets failed to load the resource, and that server responded with a status of 403 (forbidden). You may call this technical issue as the Adsense crawlers have not got the confirmation about enabling the ad code for your second attempted website. OK, let’s see how to fix 403 (forbidden) error. 

add your website domain and subdomain to your adsense account using the below steps

  • go to adsense account home page
  • select “sites” from the left menu
  • click on add site from the upper right corner “blue button”
  • type your new domain name without “www”, for example txtips.com
  • copy the code and add it to your website and click done
  • click on the domain name
  • click on show details
  • click on add subdomain
  • add all your subdomains you wish to show your ads at
  • after saving google will show you “getting ready message”
  • after less than 1 day, your ads will be shown on the website

that’s it, enjoy 🙂