how to be truly anonymous online

The NSA identifies one anonymity method that it warns is virtually impossible to break. Here’s the method outlined in the leaked documents:

  • Tor
  • VPN
  • CSpace
  • ZRTP

Let’s break that down.

Tor is the special kind of web browser that helps people stay anonymous online by encrypting their web traffic.

A VPN is a service that makes an internet connection more secure, using proxy servers to hide their real-world location.

CSpace is a kind of anonymous internet chat service that uses heavy encryption to protect any files sent over its network.

ZRTP, the last part of the method, is a kind of encryption for voice calls and text chats.

Combine the above stack of services together, using multiple kind of encryption, a special web browser, and a service to hide your location, and the NSA says in its internal documents that it probably won’t be able to read your messages. The leaked NSA document says that the encryption method results in a “near-total loss/lack of insight to target communications, presence.”


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